Downloadlagump3gratis Merrell Men's Vapor Glove 3 Trail Running Shoes, Grey (Dark Grey), 8 UK:Downloadlagump3gratis
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Merrell Men's Vapor Glove 3 Trail Running Shoes, Grey (Dark Grey), 8 UK:Downloadlagump3gratis

Merrell Published in September 25, 2018, 10:07 am
 Merrell Men's Vapor Glove 3 Trail Running Shoes, Grey (Dark Grey), 8 UK:Downloadlagump3gratis

Merrell Men's Vapor Glove 3 Trail Running Shoes, Grey (Dark Grey), 8 UK:Downloadlagump3gratis

Price:£64.79+ Free shipping with Whiteox Prime

Blueshark Reply to on 3 June 2018
I have been wearing Trail Gloves for years, not as running shoes, but as daily wear for work and leisure, and also for general physical training. As I have been so pleased with them, I decided to try the Vapor Glove, which is also a very well fitting, comfortable shoe, with an even more minimalist character. However, quality is an issue. I have only worn this shoe a few times at work( in clinic ) and the stitching is already coming apart. I have not used the shoe outdooors, or for training, and have to say I am disappointed. I have attached a photo for more clarification.

As a post-script, I would like to add that Amazon's customer service was nothing short of great. There was absolutely no fuss in returning the item, and they sent a replacement out within a day. That is impressive.
mark nicholls
mark nicholls Reply to on 21 January 2018
I bought these in the sale around Christmas and took them out for their first 5 k yesterday. I was going from a Merrel bare acces 4 to the 3 and was bit worried about the impact on my feet. They were fine,no ill effect on my feet or calves, good grip on roads and paths, haven't tried them in the mud yet. Overall very pleased with Merrell. Remember that if you buy these they ere " barefoot " trainers, there is no cushioning so if you are not use to them you will need to introduce your feet to them gradually.
Daniela Seiffert
Daniela Seiffert Reply to on 17 July 2017
The Vapor Gloves are the best shoes I have ever owned. This is my second pair and my husband has 3 pairs (Vapor Glove 1,2 and 3). I have a relatively wide forefoot and with the Vapor Gloves, I always choose the men's version as the women's is a bit narrower. I normally wear a 40 and the men's 41 fits very well and leaves enough room to feel free. The Vapor Glove 3 are the best version of them!
Chiu Man
Chiu Man Reply to on 7 September 2017
I loved the Vapor 2, and was dubious about buying the 3, but as it turns out these are even better for broad feet. They are wider and even more comfortable than the 2. They also feel a little more waterproof, though they are not really meant for wearing in downpours. They are my favourite barefoot shoe at the moment
Lina Blackbird
Lina Blackbird Reply to on 11 July 2018
I ordered a size bigger since some reviewers say to do so because I have rather wide feet but had to return them since they were way too big. I'd say get 0.5cm larger than what you usually wear because if they are too large the rubber that is just above your big toe might be an issue. My pair of trainers were slightly defective on the inside of the right shoe. The stitches that hold laces were not properly encased and were quite scratchy. I am ordering another pair.
james Reply to on 3 April 2018
I was a big fan of the new balance minimus trail originals but they weren’t great on wet paving. These have all the pros of the minimus plus they are more comfortable. They are very well built, I can see these doing 500 miles at least. Even tho they are big for the stated size there is very little foot movement so no hot spots 10/10 I love these!
Jj Reply to on 28 August 2018
The lighter, softer, more breathable barefoot shoe than any of my vivos. But also seems less durable, and sole less protective... I only walk in these so can't put them through real wear test, and is just used for 2 or 3 months but I kind of see where the money goes when you buy vivos over these. It's a different kind of shoe though. Feels like an ultimate slipper and can be worn in hot weather, and disappear on your feet.. and good colours too. I like these things about them. But vivos still remain the best barefoot company.. (haven't tried joe nimbles but.. should one pay so much just for the sake of trying them out? Vivos will cover all your needs for less).
BloodMeridien Reply to on 4 August 2018
Nice wide toe box. A little bit narrow in the middle, but I do have very wide feet. Very comfortable heel band. Shoe doesn't move around when running. The upper material is not very soft though. There is excess height to the toe box which causes the material to crease and rub across the top of the feet with each stride leaving me with red sore patches on top of my feet. Hopefully they will break in. The extra width, height and sole design, which goes over the top of the toes, does give the shoe a slightly 'clownish' look rather than the snug fitted look of Five Fingers type shoes. The red coloured ones had a 'plastic' look to them which detracted from the overall decent quality. Soles are Vibram and excellent. Very good ground feel but with slightly more padded protection than my Vibram V-Run. Which is exactly what I wanted. I got the Saffron coloured Vapour Glove which looked better quality than the red, less plastic like. They have a black tongue which makes the whole shoe look better quality. I will use these for cycling, walking round town as well as running. For half the price of Five Fingers, worth having for sure.
Jamie Bennett
Jamie Bennett Reply to on 31 July 2018
Ordered a half-size above to allow for expansion due to long runs and they fit perfectly. Great shoe for the minimalist runner, completed around 100 miles in them so far over mostly smooth terrain (cycle paths, roads, grass) with some gravel tracks. You will feel larger stones through the base so do not expect to take them on tracks that are comprised mainly of hard, sharp objects without expecting to feel them.
Essex Express
Essex Express Reply to on 22 August 2018
The shoes are very well made and seem like they will last. I would say they size a bit on the big size. I usually take size 12.5 and I had loads of room in these especially in the toe box. So would possibly recommend to go for a 0.5 size lower?

The first few runs in these were very strange, my calf's ached after only a few miles, and the sensation of running bare foot took a bit of getting used to. I would recommend these shoes and barefoot running, but you will need to ease your legs and feet into it!
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