Downloadlagump3gratis Customer reviews Royalcare Protective Dog Boots, Set of 4 Waterproof Dog Shoes for Medium and Large Dogs - Black (5#):Downloadlagump3gratis
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Customer reviews Royalcare Protective Dog Boots, Set of 4 Waterproof Dog Shoes for Medium and Large Dogs - Black (5#):Downloadlagump3gratis

Royalcare Published in September 25, 2018, 10:05 am
Customer reviews Royalcare Protective Dog Boots, Set of 4 Waterproof Dog Shoes for Medium and Large Dogs - Black (5#):Downloadlagump3gratis

Customer reviews Royalcare Protective Dog Boots, Set of 4 Waterproof Dog Shoes for Medium and Large Dogs - Black (5#):Downloadlagump3gratis

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Mrs. S. H. Jones
Mrs. S. H. Jones Reply to on 8 May 2018
These are excellent !! My pooch cut his paw quite badly because of the shape of the cut it was not healing even the vet tried to bandage it up and it did not stay on and them plastic cover things they give you absolutely useless… so I invested in some of these even though it was for only 1 paw he wore it fine no issue with him wearing it or keeping it on…where we live it is really muddy so after every walk I washed and it with his towels and it washed really well… he would also not weight bare on his paw due too the cut but when he had the boot on he would as you can see by the photo he loves water & mud… the only one isssue I did have was when running in wet grass it did flick off but I kept a eye on him and put it back on a bit tighter
sadiejack Reply to on 24 July 2018
These boots are perfect for my dogs needs. He is a very large German Shepherd who is having issues dragging the back legs a bit now and so was scuffing his claws on the back feet - potentially making them bleed or even getting infected. I tried these boots with their rubber covered toe-caps - he never minded having them on even from day one. Provided I get them on tightly (otherwise they would come off due to the way he now walks) - they stay on the whole walk and have even been in the sea whilst he splashes around. A great purchase that I would highly recommend. Not really waterproof but for our needs that doesn't matter :) Happy dog - Happy owner!
Jackie S
Jackie S Reply to on 12 June 2018
My Border Collie Merk recently cut his back paw and the vet recommended getting a boot to protect it whilst it healed. Ordered these boots as I was needing something reasonably waterproof, and whilst although not completely so, his foot was kept cleaner and drier than with other boots I’d tried. Easy to clean (can go through the washing machine) so they’re ready for next time.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 25 January 2018
 Fab boots, bought for my dog who has sore/cracked feet. I bought the next size up thinking they’d be difficult to put on - I was wrong, they’re so easy to put on, just undo the Velcro & the boots open up via a tuck in the front & the Just slip on.I do them up as tight as I can otherwise they tend to slip off when he runs.
Also, the 1st time we went out there was a lot of surface water/mud on the grass & I found that Barney’s front feet did slip quite a bit, I guess because there isn’t as much traction as his paw’s/claws.
Please note they are NOT waterproof (if you’re buying to keep a dressing dry)
Overall I’m happy with the boots
Video attached just for a laugh - Barney wearing the boots for the 1st time 🤣
summerskye Reply to on 12 January 2018
Brilliant bought these for my saluki who has very long paws and toes.bought size 5# perfect fit and she has had no bother running around in them and jumping about like a gazelle great on icy paths no more sore freezing paws..
Asha S.
Asha S. Reply to on 8 August 2018
After having to be sedated to have six grass seeds removed, I decided to invest in a pair of boots. Orignially I wanted some Ruffwear ones but they were way out of my price range. After seeing these boots, I realised that there is no difference other than the price tag. They are brilliant quality so far and the dog is getting used to them after some crazy walking that made us all chuckle. The only problem I've had is that when he does around corners, they come flying off his feet but this may well be because he has such silky curly fur or that we didn't do them up tight enough. Another thing I was worried about was that he would be laughed at by other pet owners or that he wouldn't be able to play properly but this does not seem to be an issue with us. In fact, we were asked by three or more pet owners where they could get some and how much they cost. Given these are the cheapest on the market for this quality of boot, I would definitely recommend.
Sarah Painter
Sarah Painter Reply to on 14 May 2018
Bought due to our dog having a cut paw which would not heal. Used it on dog walks to provide a padded layer and to stop dirt getting in. Really easy to put on, pads are well cushioned and they stay on. Went through the washing machine on numerous occasions and came out as good as new. Great purchase.
elinesca Reply to on 11 March 2018
 My boy was so excited to get shoes just like mummy and soon after the initial sock shock he quickly synchronised his four paws to march along nicely. A proud moment. However- these boots don’t work around cats. Watch them fly towards the end of the video.
Ali Reply to on 7 March 2018
These are nice boots but they dont stay on. I ordered medium for my Springer Spaniel and they fit in the paws but are too loose in the leg even when strapped on tight as they will go.
Ami Coulson
Ami Coulson Reply to on 18 June 2018
I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback and amazingly he takes the biggest size they do - despite being nowhere near as big as a Great Dane! He can only wear them for a very short time as his feet get very hot - they are not as breathable as I'd hoped.
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